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Ethan Embry Screen Caps


Gallery 1:
Ethanembry.com pics, Freakylinks stills, and various movie stills

Gallery 2:
Dragnet stills, Sony Ericsson's Hollywood premiere party, ABC's 2003 Winter Press Tour

Gallery 3:
Children Affected by Aids Fundraiser, various media pictures

Gallery 4:
Young pictures, Dutch, All I Want For Christmas, and A Far Off Place stills

Gallery 5:
TVGuide.com pics, That Thing You Do stills, some candids and photoshoots

Gallery 6:
George Lange photoshoot, They stills

Gallery 7:
Dragnet photos

New Gallery 1: NEW!
Timeline stills and screencaps, events, Teen People outtakes, Dragnet stills

New Gallery 2: NEW!
Timeline Hollywood Premiere

Newest images:

*All pictures were borrowed from other sites.

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