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Ethan Embry Screen Caps

2001 News/Updates Archive

11/30/01 - Added 2 new vid clips here. More coming soon...

11/20/01 - Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Here's 152 caps of Ethan in Vegas Vacation, which I meant to add two weeks ago (better late than never, right?) but I had other things to do that were a bit more important. In the Gallery page, I've added two new pages. One is a "Scans" page with pics scanned by me, and the other page is a "Pics off the Net" where I'll post pics that I've found and I'll give credit to those who took it. Next week (or the week after that), I will post various video clips. That's all for now, have a great vacation, everyone!

10/29/01 - Okay, I'm done with the three new pages. Go to the Gallery and you'll see 169 new screencaps. More coming later this week.

10/26/01 - Woohoo! I'm back, there are no updates today, but on Monday I will add 3 new pages (or 4 if I get the last one done on time). I'll finally add a new Freaklinks episode, Ethan's bit part in Defending your life, and LOTS of shirtless pics from White Squall. Maybe I'll also add a video. You can vote in the poll below... In other news, Ethan is in a new movie with Reese Witherspoon titled Sweet Home Alabama. Ethan will play Reese's character's gay friend. I've always wondered if Ethan would play a gay guy, I guess this finally answers my question :-> This film would definitely show his versatility as an actor. The only type of movie he hasn't done yet is an action movie, but for some reason I can't picture him as the star of an action film, he's more like a side-kick. Well that's all for now. Oh, and one more thing, can anybody access ethanembry.com? If you can, can you e-mail me a tell me if there's a new update. Thanks.

9/22/01 - This post has nothing to do with Ethan so you don't have to read it if you don't want to:
I just found some of the cutest sites yesterday so I'm going to link them because some of you might like them. The first one won't work on all browsers, just Internet Explorer. It is too cute!!! I couldn't help but laugh along with this little baby! : This next one has a lot of tiny animated gifs and they are soooo cute! Here are some for example:   and they're so tiny that you can fit about 600 of them in a floppy disk. (BTW, it's in German but it's easy to figure out what is what) And my last link isn't really cute, but it's cool. You enter your name and it analyzes your personality just by the letters in your name. Mine was pretty accurate, go check it out. Well that's it for now. More stuff coming soon.

9/21/01 - Made a new layout for EthanClips. I'm gonna add more Freakylinks caps and make a new layout for this site soon.

9/20/01 - Finally added The List vid clips. One is Ethan explaining why he chose Gwar and the other is why he chose G G Allin. I might add more in a couple of weeks.

9/13/01 - Hi, no updates today, but I'm asking some of you to donate some money to the Red Cross. Just click on the banner at the top of the page. If you can, please donate. Even if it's just a dollar, anything helps. Thank you for reading this.

9/6/01 - Added 43 more screencaps to the Harbingers gallery. Click here to see them. Next up, video clips of The List, coming next week.

9/4/01 - Hey all, I'm starting to make episodes for www.SaveFreakylinks.com. Visit the site. I'll try to finish the rest of The Harbingers tomorrow or on Thursday. In the meantime, here's a new wallpaper. It's the best one I made so far.

Marc Sucks

8/30/01 - 107 screencaps added to Subject: The Harbingers page. It's only from half of the episode so I'll add more next week. There's also some pics of Amelinda in there (by herself, not just with Ethan).

8/24/01 - I've moved all videos and audio clips to another site. The address for that site is ETHANCLIPS.CJB.NET. I've updated the special "mini" gallery.

8/14/01 - You can find 12 never-before-seen pictures here. Just type "Ethan Embry" in the search box and you will see pics from the Thomas Crown Affair premiere, the At First Sight premiere, 1998 Sony Oscar Party with Heather Porcaro, and That Thing You Do premiere.

8/13/01 - Mini-Ethan. I made it myself.

Does it look like him?
I don't think so...so I'm asking if you guys out there could help me make more, and I could add them to a special gallery with these "Mini-Ethans".

8/10/01 - Get the second half of the X-Show interview here.

8/9/01 - You can get half of the X-Show interview here. You'll need RealPlayer to watch it.

8/3/01 - Get Real caps are up. 37 pics in total. There's almost 1000 caps in the gallery (914 to be exact). If I'm not too busy on Wednesday, I'll make some videos of The X-Show and upload them on Thursday.

7/26/01 - 230 Can't Hardly Wait screen caps are added. I'll add some more video clips either next week or the week after that.

7/25/01 - Added another wallpaper:

Now I'm going to upload the Can't Hardly Wait pics. It'll be ready by tonight or tomorrow afternoon.

7/17/01 - Added 2 wallpapers. Go to the the downloads page to get them. Here's a preview:

6/29/01 - UPDATE: The site is now on NBCI. If you don't see that big ugly banner on top of this page , then click here. Everything is up, including all the videos and sounds. But don't bookmark the members.nbci.blahblahblah, bookmark http://clik.to/ethancaps (just in case NBCI shuts down my site)

Tripod decided to close my website yesterday so now I'm at Angelfire. Someone was direct-linking to one of my files so that's why they took down my site. I'm not staying in Angelfire that long either coz Tripod and Angelfire are both on the Lycos Network. I'm trying to move to NBCI or someplace else so most of the files aren't working yet. You can see the pages and the thumbnails but that's all for now. Subject: Desert Squid and School for Murder are the only galleries that are working right now.

6/28/01 - Here's Murder She Wrote: School for Murder (29 pics). I'm working on Can't Hardly Wait next.

6/27/01 - Desert Squid caps are up. School for Murder coming tomorrow.

6/25/01 - Updated the links page. I'll upload the Desert Squid episode pics and the School for Murder pics on Wednesday. If I'm not TOO lazy, I'll upload them today. Not much Ethan news except that Freakylinks is now over. Oh well, at least Ethan has 3 new movies coming out.

6/13/01 - Happy 23rd Birthday, Ethan!!!

6/8/01 - Empire Records caps are up. 162 pics in total.

6/7/01 - Everything should be working right now. If there's a broken link anywhere, please e-mail me and I'll try to fix it.

6/6/01 - New color, new main image. Like it? Some of the links aren't working yet, though. I'm in the process of uploading everything that was lost so everything should be up by Friday. Also more new images are coming in Friday.

6/5/01 - The Temporary Clips page has been taken down. Some of the links on my site (like Work With Me and Coalacanth This) won't work because Tripod deleted one of my accounts and all of my the links in the Audio page and the videos in Downloads page won't work either because NBCI deleted my account there also. I'll find a new place to upload those missing files soon.

6/3/01 - Clip 7 in the Temp page didn't work so I re-upped it, and it should work now.

6/2/01 - Click here to get the new Coelacanth This! pics. Now there are 53 in total in that gallery. Also I've added the nude scene from Subject: Live Fast, Die Young in the downloads page. 7 clips of the first ten minutes of the newest Freakylinks episode can be found here, but I will take the page down on Tuesday June 5 12:00 a.m. Central Time. So get them quickly before they're gone.

5/31/01 - Coelacanth This! pics delayed till Friday or Saturday.

5/30/01 - More Coelacanth This! pics coming tomorrow.

5/22/01 - 5 April Moon clips in the audio page. Click here to get them.

5/21/01 - Adding the Batman Beyond: April Moon sound clips tomorrow and hopefully more Coelacanth This! pics also.

5/12/01 - Added 5 Batman Beyond: Joyride sound clips to the audio page. Click here to get them.

5/11/01 - Tomorrow I'll post some sound clips from Ethan's Batman Beyond appearances.

5/5/01 - Added Work With Me episodes 3 and 4 pics. Click here to go to the gallery page.

5/3/01 - Here they are; the Murder She Wrote: Trouble with Seth pictures. Click here to get 'em.

5/2/01 - Trouble With Seth pics will be coming tomorrow.

4/29/01 - WooHoo!!!! Fox is bringing back Freakylinks on June 1. They will air the last 4 episodes! YAY!!!

4/20/01 - Did y'all watch Murder She Wrote today. If you haven't, I'll post some pics in 2 weeks. Ethan's in another new movie called "They". He'll start filming in Vancouver(sp) in 3 days. Cool :

4/18/01 - Work With Me episode 2 gallery is up. Click here.

4/17/01 - Updated more thumbnails for the Loveline and X-Show galleries. Tomorrow, I might add more Work With Me pictures. Ethan has a new movie called Ball in the House. For more info, check out IMDB.com

4/13/01 - Just updated the thumbnails in the CHW:Behind the Scenes, Premiere, Feeder video, and Work With Me galleries.

4/07/01 - Hey everybody! I've added 5 pictures to the Coelacanth This! episode gallery. I'll add some more when I have the time. And, if you haven't heard, Ethan's going to be on a new ABC series called "Silicon Follies". And his episode of Murder She Wrote will air in April 20th on A&E, so watch it. That's it for now. Bye ;-

3/27/01 - Click here to download the Freakylinks opening. It's in MPEG format, about 30 seconds long, and about 5 MB large.

3/26/01 - Wow..I didn't know I was gone that long. Oh well, I've just captured the Freakylinks opening but I have to figure out how to trim some clips out. Some scenes and some commercials are still on it and it's about 14 MB big if I leave them on. I'll post a link to it tomorrow. That's it for now. Later!

3/15/01 - Added a clip of Ethan in the Feeder video. Download here. It's 1.1 MB. If that doesn't work, click here.

3/14/01 - Added 48 pics of Subject: Edith Keeler Must Die.

3/13/01 - Oops...I put the wrong thumbnails yesterday. Oh well, I fixed those today and added the rest of the pics. Click here to see them.

3/12/01 - Added 14 pics of Subject: Three Thirteen. Adding more pics of that episode tomorrow.

3/11/01 - I'm back! My computer is currently broken so I'm using my brothers right now, which I'm only allowed 2 hours a day (that sucks but at least I have access to one). My Dazzle DVC is coming in 2 or 3 days. Since it's Spring Break I have time to post at least 1 new gallery each day, starting on Monday. I'll upload some new pics tomorrow evening. C ya...

2/25/01 - I got a copy of The List, big thanks to Cait. So I posted 38 pics of the show. Check them out here. I know on the 21st I said that I wouldn't update till Spring Break but many Canadians and other peeps were waiting for these, so there ya go. Enjoy :)

2/23/01 - I take back what I said earlier. This day doesn't totally suck. I just won this.Yay :)

2/23/01 - DAMMIT!!! I LOST AGAIN!!! :( And I just found out that Freakylinks is canceled. This day SUCKS!!!

2/22/01 - No updates today but if you want to see what I'm gonna get tomorrow click here. All the action's gonna begin 1 hour before the auction ends. My account name is ceto82. God, I hope I win this time. Today I bid 70 bucks but an hour later someone comes up and bids $140. That jerk! Tomorrow, I am gonna win for sure. Wish me luck! ;)

2/21/01 - 53 Subject: Fearsum pics have been added. I am currently bidding on a Dazzle DVC on EBay so ignore what I said below. If I get one sometime this week, I could post the Feeder vid in 2 or 3 weeks. Spring Break is coming in 2 weeks so I'll update a LOT more then. I won't be able to add any more pics until then since most of my teachers will load me of more work before Spring Break. Damn teachers. I'll bet that one of them is gonna give me work DURING Spring Break like last year. Don't they know what BREAK means?

2/20/01 - I have a new layout but that's pretty much it. Got rid of the frames so people that are unable to use them can navigate the site easier. I'll make some caps soon when I have the time. For some odd reason, I can't download the X-show interview in the audio page. Does anybody else have problems with this, too? I've posted a mirror of the file if you can't download from Tripod. In a couple of weeks (or months) I'll buy Dazzle DVC which lets me make MPEG files from my VCR to the comp so I could post some things that not a lot of people have like the Feeder vid or some clips of interviews. I can't wait to get it but it cost $250 and I only have $150 right now. If anybody out there is willing to sell one to me for $100, e-mail me :)

2/12/01 - Added the CHW: Behind the Scenes pics.

2/11/01 - Great news!!! I've found my first Freakylinks tape! Now I can begin at the beginning of the series instead of the end. Also, I've finished an Ethan skin for the Sims but it's really ugly in the game. You can see and download it in the Download Section. I've also removed that banner at the bottom of the page because it slowed down the loading time for this page. And I have also updated my intro.

2/10/01 - Added 13 new pictures: 4 Feeder pictures and 9 Can't Hardly Wait premiere pictures. The CHW Premiere pics are different from the Behind the Scenes ones. I'll add those pics later.

2/8/01 - Added a guestbook so you guys can comment about the site or make a suggestion.

Almost forgot, I am also trying to make an Ethan, Amelinda, Coegian(sp) skin for the Sims. I'm not a really great artist but I'll try my best. And if you already made some skins and would like to share to the Ethan Community, send it to me and I'll post it.

2/6/01 - Sorry, I can't put up any pictures or update the pages for a while. My camera needs to be repaired and I have LOTS of school work to do and fill out college applications. Once I've taken care of most of these things I'll try to post something. Sorry :(

2/1/01 - Added a Downloads Page. Next Tuesday I will add the CHW: Behind the Scenes page and the Feeder Video page.

1/30/01 - Added 8 Work With Me pictures and 10 Loveline pictures. I lost my first Freakylinks tape with the first 6 episodes so I couldn't post pictures from the pilot but once I find it I'll post some pics. Since that tape is missing, I'll just go backwards and start with the Stone Room episode. I probably just misplaced it since I was cleaning my room the other week. Don't you HATE it when you clean your room to be more organized but you end up losing lots of your stuff.
Also added a new poll so I could get your input on what to update next.

1/29/01 - Added a links page. Tomorrow I will add another set of pictures but I can't decide whether it will be the Loveline pics, the Work With Me episode 1 pics, or the Freakylinks: Subject: Fearsum pics. Work With Me would be the easiest and fastest to get but I think more people would be interested in the other two. I'll think about it tonight. OR I could just get 5 pictures from each. Yeah, I'll just do that. Everything will probably be done by tomorrow night or later. So come back on Wednesday. Bye :)

1/17/01 - Opened the site and added 40 screen caps of the X-Show.

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